A Course in Miracles

Musical Daily Workbook Lessons

Created and Provided by James Twyman experience the daily workbook lessons in a whole new way. In 2015, James commited to reviving the course for himself, and part of this commitment was to write and record all 365 lessons from the workbook to music. Every lesson is a new experience. Sing, Chant, and Dance along and allow the experience to unfold.


It's one thing to read the lesson, but singing and music somehow bypasses the mind and goes straight into our heart. Signup on the website to recieve a lesson daily by email!

Theory of ACIM

Ken Wapnick is one of the original teachers of ACIM and spent his life dedicated to clarifying the teachings and curriculum. Ken created the first glossary of terms in his garage and developed a simplified breakdown of the terms within the course. This page is a breakdown of the theory including a diagram of "right" and "wrong" minded thinking provided by the Foundation for A Course in Miracles.

Glossary of Terms

Provided by The Circle of Atonement and Robert Perry, this glossary of terms helps to clarify and define the words used within the Course. "The Course employs a unique use of language, a use which initially is quite confusing. When the reader first opens the book, he or she notices many terms which are very familiar, yet which do not appear to entirely fit their context; they don't seem to make sense in the way they are used. Since this occurs quite frequently, whole sentences and paragraphs become problematic and confusing.

There is, however, a reason for this confusing habit of the Course. The meaning that we assign to words grows out of the meaning we see in life—in ourselves, in others, in the world. Yet this is the very meaning which the Course wants to transform, the very meaning which clouds our sight and makes us suffer. What the Course does, therefore, is to take the same words we use and fill them with new meaning, meaning which expresses the thought system the Course seeks to instill in our minds." -CoA Glossary Introduction


Created by Ken Wapnick, this abreviated version of the Glossary-Index provides "wrong minded" and "right minded" definitions for the terms within the Course. The published version also provides citations for where the word or phrase can be found within the text, which can be purchased here.

ACIM Text Lookup

Provided by Miracle Distribution Center this is a searchable version of the ACIM text. Also available is the workbook and manual for teachers. A perfect tool for when you can only remember a part of a quote or want to find some passages on a particular theme or that include a specific word.

Q&A on the ACIM text

Provided by Pathways Of Light here you will find sets of questions and answers for each section and chapter of the ACIM text. Extremely helpful for first time readers or long time students, chances are if you have a question about a specific passage you can find it in the Q&A. (Can't find the answer to your specific question? Schedule a Study Session with Melissa!)

Download the original manuscripts (Urtext)

The original manuscript of A Course in Miracles includes personal notes intended for both Helen and Bill. Some of the notes include specific dialogue regarding editing and publishing the final text, comments on Freud and his view of the Ego as well as "Special Messages" answering some of the questions Helen posed during the scribbing process. Before reading this version of the Course materials it is recommended to read some history of the different versions of the course found here and here. Most importantly to note Helen was still learning to properly hear, and accept her role as scribe (as described by Ken Wapnick here), so some of this material may at times appear to contradict itself- keep reading as it is always gently corrected further in the manuscripts.

As far as "which version should I study?" is concerned simply choose the one that resonates most with you.

Text and Lesson Calendars

Melissa has created a variety of calendars to help schedule your study of ACIM. These calendars break down the readings in order to finish a read through of the entire book and complete the lessons in 1 year. Monthly calendars are provided which start with lesson 1 on January 1st and break down reading assignments by day.


Started the lessons on a different day? Melissa also provides a customizable ACIM calendar option which allows you to set the start date and breaks down the reading weekly.

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There are many wonderful resources, classes, and insights available online for ACIM, a quick google search will result in thousands of hits. On this page you will find some of the free resources available from various sources (all in one quick, easy to access location). Check back often as tools are always being added. Is there a tool or free resource you found helpful in your studies not listed here? Contact Melissa to get it added to the list!