A Course of Love

A Course of Love is still relatively new in terms of it's online presence and teachers. Therefore there are not as many resources available online (or elsewhere). Below you will find helpful free resources from around the web. Melissa created her own free resources to aid in your journey with ACOL, those can be found under 'Summaries and Support Material'.


Do you have a specific question about ACOL? Contact Melissa today!

Personalized Study Sessions

Melissa provides one-on-one study support through personalized sessions. These sessions encourage students to deepen their understanding of A Course of Love through open hearted sharing in Unity and Relationship. Melissa assists ACOL students in strengthening their connection to their internal guidance system and in claiming the wisdom he or she has always possessed. "Since the mind is the realm of perception we have taken a step away from the realm of perception by appealing to the heart and the heart's ability to learn in a new way." (ACOL A.4) Melissa encourages you to stop trying to "figure it out" and allow your heart to be heard.


Sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour and are highly individualized. Schedule a session today and begin to experience the peace, ease, and abundance A Course of Love promises.

Summaries and other Support Materials

Melissa has created various aids for her groups and clients. Follow the link below to find summaries of each chapter in the course and the Treatises', questions to help you move deeper into the material, and more!

Search ACOL

Provided by The Center for A Course of Love, this Search allows you to search the entire work of ACOL for a word or phrase. Very helpful to quickly find a quote or reference!

ACOL Concordance

Provided by The Center for A Course of Love. "The Concordance is an alphabetical index of all words and some common phrases that appear in ACOL. It shows these within their immediate context along with the number of times the word or phrase occurs."

Videos, Blog Posts, and More

Resources provided by the ACOL website include videos/lessons from a variety of teachers, blog posts, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mari and the A Course of Love foundation answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the book.

Word Counts

For those students curious about words used mutliple times, and how many times, this handy pdf created by The Center for A Course of Love provides just that.

Study Calendars

Melissa has created study calendars to assist individuals and study groups in scheduling and staying on track with reading A Course of Love. These calendars were created with the intention of completing a reading of the materials within 1 calendar year. Individuals may wish to read the book faster or slower than this pace-Melissa always encourages listening to your inner guidance as to what is best for you.

Suggestions and Tips to Ease the Reading and Integration of the Teachings

For some, if not all students, reading ACOL can be a bit of a challenge, especially the first time. The temptation to want to understand the messages intellectually (or through the perception of the mind) can leave us in a spiral of trying to interpret the meanings and dissect the Chapters paragraph by paragraph. Melissa wrote a blog post with some tips and suggestions to assist in your experience of ACOL. Download a PDF of the blog post to share with your study group, or if you simply want to read it visit her blog here.

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