A Course of Love Reading Calendars

Customizable ACOL Reading Calendar

Download a customizable excel spreadsheet with readings broken down weekly. You can change the start date to match the start date of your study group or the day you began reading. This spreadsheet is fully editable so you can change it as you go! Study groups may go slower or faster than the schedule but a reading schedule can provide a rough outline to follow to help keep the group moving forward.

Yearly Reading Calendar

Download a PDF version of the standard reading calendar Melissa created. This calendar begins the readings on January 1st and completes the reading on December 31st (reading the 40 days and 40 nights through Nov and Dec with a completion of the epilogue on Dec 31).

Weekly Reading Calendar

Download a PDF version of a weekly reading calendar Melissa created. This calendar breaks down the readings by week (week 1, week 2, etc.) so you can utilize it for any start date of the reading.

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Melissa has created standard and customizable study schedule calendars to further assist your studies of A Course of Love. In her first read through of ACOL Melissa experienced strange resistance to reading the text, despite the amazing and transformative experiences that would occur in every chapter. Having a schedule to follow and a study group to help 'keep herself accountable' for the readings was extremely helpful in continuing to move forward in the book and resist the temptation to go back and re-read sections her mind would not recall (as ACOL states, the material should be read with your heart, and not the mind). ACOL is purposeful and a forward momentum is encouraged to continue the process of unlearning old beliefs and thought patterns to allow the space for Love to enter. Of course you should always follow what feels right to you, do not force yourself to read the material faster or slower than you are comfortable, trust your inner knowing and remember everything is in Divine Order.