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Your Soul is longing to be expressed and regardless of where you think you are along your spiritual journey YOU ARE READY to claim and accept your Soul's purpose and the Truth of who you are. Crist Coaching (or Soul Coaching) provides direct access to the deepest depths of what your soul is longing for: connection with the Truth. One-On-One, Melissa Crist guides you to move through internal barriers to consisitently claim and express the Truth of who you are.

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All too often we allow the fear to keep us from claiming our passion. We doubt, we come up with excuses, we think things like "that's true for them, but not me." I am here to tell you, YOU ARE READY, it IS true for you too. Take a moment and say to yourself: "I am ready to claim the truth of who I am." Repeat it to yourself three times.


Now, proclaim "YES! I am ready now!"


Do you feel the power of your yes? As we keep claiming our "yes" everything we fear, doubt, and worry about falls away and soon all that is left is the truth. The unique expression of the self same Love we are all a part of. 


Working with a soul coach reflects your YES back to you until you are ready to consisitently and fully claim the truth of who you are. Deny the fear,  say YES! Say it right now and schedule your free soul coaching session with Melissa today!

Melissa Crist

"Melissa is an important part of our ACIM and ACOL study groups providing spiritual insights and guidance. She is an excellent facilitator." -Chris Garey, Uniy-Five Cities Spiritual Leader

stop over-thinking

On the Spiritual Journey there are many paths and numerous teachings one can choose, but when does the journey change from one of gaining intellectual knowledge to one of simply wanting to experience the truth. The experience of truly connecting with our soul's deepest longing goes far beyond words, and we reach the point where we are no longer interested in someone else's experience, we are ready for our own. That is where a soul coach comes in. Have you have sampled the spiritual buffet, dabbled in techniques ranging from positive affirmations to guided meditations, and yet you still feel as though something is missing? Working with a soul coach assists you in getting out of your own way, to silence the mind, ease the body, and open your heart to make the space for truth to enter. You are ready for this or you would not be here. Contact Melissa today for a free session and allow your soul to finally be free!


"Melissa, you are Love and an inspiration to me; I am amazed by your spiritual understanding."

             -Carol T.

"Melissa has been a great inspiration to me, her upbeat personality and depth of understanding of 'A Course in Miracles' principles has provided myself and countless others with a treasury of genuine life experience and deeply meaningful insights-she is a bright and shining gem."

     -Joey C.

"I have only one word to describe Melissa from the moment that I first met her; the word is 'Amazing!' She was new to 'The Course' at that time, and within several months, she had embodied more of it than I had in twenty five years! She is now teaching others with more clarity and insight than most of the top teachers of "A Course in Miracles." She truly 'Teaches only Love'."

             -Allan M.

Stream of I AM

February 25, 2016

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Melissa Crist is the creator and Soul Coach of Crist Coaching. All services are provided through a variety of spiritual experiences with a non-denominational approach. For more information read more in "What is Crist Coaching" and "About Melissa."

"Melissa helps build a consciousness to serve the love seeking its way through each of us to the world. If you'd like to envision higher possibilities for yourself, her insight, clarity and passion will inspire you on your path to self discovery. Give yourself the gift of this amazing tour guide."

                 -Marcia T.