Soul Services

Soul Coaching Session

A soul coaching session will be different for each individual but will always be centered around quieting the mind, easing the body, opening your heart, and allowing truth to enter. The main goal is to claim your Soul's deepest longing and consistently allow that to be the expression that guides your everyday life.


The first session is offered for free and lasts approximately 1 hour. In this session we will get to know each other, determine where you are along your spiritual journey, answer any questions you may have, and learn some basic techniques to access the wisdom of your soul.


The second session and beyond we dive deeper into your soul longing. Each session is custom tailored to your needs, what is currently coming up in your life, and the areas that are blocking you from claiming the inner wisdom of your Soul.

Study Support

Do you study A Course in Miracles or a Course of Love? The Way of Mastery or The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking? Is there a concept you just can't quite seem to understand? Have a question that keeps coming up? Melissa offers study support for these profound texts. You can schedule a 30 minute session and provide the concept, theme or question and Melissa will prepare a personalized session. Also offered is a soul guided session in which Melissa uses the text of your choice and allows her soul to guide her to the perfect lesson, reading, or topic.

Miracle Body Transformations

I experienced a miraculous transformation in my body, I lost 40+ pounds after changing only one thing in my daily life~my thinking. I did not diet, I never exercised. But I did drastically change my beliefs surrounding food and my body. For complete details, click the link below to visit my website and read the whole story and find support for your own miraculous body transformation!

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All services are offered virtually via skype or google hangout, over the phone, or in person in the Ansbach, Germany area. Services are provided on a Love Offering or donation basis, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.