Crist Coaching

Truth/Light/Love/Spirit/Higher Self/At-One-Ment with Source/Christ Conciousness/

Crist Coaching (also known as Soul Coaching) is one-on-one connection to bring you to the deepest depths of your soul longing. To move beyond the intellectual understanding of spiritual teachings to the experience they all point to: Being One with the Truth and Soul expression.

I Am Conciousness/Universe/Enlightenment/Soul Realization

How did Crist Coaching get its name?

Melissa Crist is the creator of Crist Coaching. To learn more about the naming of these services and Melissa click "Learn More."

Regardless of the name you give it: Love, Light, God, Source, the Universe, Christ, Spirit, Higher Self, etc. we are all longing to feel connected to that something. It is why we never feel satisfied permanently, even after landing our dream job, marrying prince (or princess) charming, owning the house we always wanted...none of these joys seem to last. Our deepest desire is to experience what our soul longs for, and to live that in every moment. What is the longing of our Soul? Why don't we already live from that space? Where do we go to understand more? When will our soul's longing be realized?  You already have the answers you need within you, everything you need is held within the wisdom of your soul. Most answers will be unique to each and every person, but the experience, the true longing, is to be connected to the Truth of what we are.

Soul Coaching helps you to identify the barriers keeping you from claiming the truth by speaking directly to your soul. A soul coach works with you to gently remove the blocks keeping you from hearing and listening to the inner wisdom of your soul.


Soul coaching is different from life coaching or therapy. We move beyond wishing to attain a goal or manifest goods into our life, beyond emotions and fears, beyond the story of our life.  Life coaching helps you determine what to do with your life..Soul Coaching helps you realize why you are ALIVE. The real goal of soul coaching is to wake up, stay awake, and claim the truth of your soul. All soul coaching services are provided through a variety of spiritual experiences with a non-denominational approach.


You are Ready! Your soul is leaping forward right now. Contact Melissa today for your free first session and experience for yourself the power of your YES!