Words of Love

Melissa helps build a consciousness to serve the love seeking its way through each of us to the world. If you'd like to envision higher possibilities for yourself, her insight, clarity and passion will inspire you on your path to self discovery. Give yourself the gift of this amazing tour guide.

Marcia T.

ACIM and ACOL study group member

I have only one word to describe Melissa from the moment that I first met her;

the word is “Amazing!” She was new to the “Course” at that time, and within several months, she had embodied more of it than I had in twenty five years! She is now teaching others with more clarity and insight than most of the top teachers of “A Course in Miracles” She truly “Teaches Only Love.”

Allan M.

ACIM study group member

Dear Melissa,


You have been a tremendous influence on me as I have studied ACIM and ACOL. I want to thank you for the inspiration and understanding you have provided.  You have added so much love to all the groups we have shared. As I have watched you help myself and others articulate our understanding of the Courses it has been obvious to me that you have a calling to help others with their spiritual growth. Both your informed council and your support; you kept reminding me that I was perfect, whole and complete right where I was, has really smoothed my path while giving me the space I needed to grow. I feel blessed to have met you in the perfect time and place.  I am very grateful for your help

Vicki F

ACIM and ACOL study group member

Melissa is an important part of our "Course in Miracles" and "Course of Love" study groups providing spiritual insights and guidance. She is an excellent facilitator.

Chris Garey

Unity-Five Cities Spiritual Leader

Melissa has been a great inspiration to me, her upbeat personality and depth of understanding of 'A Course In Miracles" principles has provided myself and countless others with a treasury of genuine life experience and deeply meaningful insights-she is a bright and shining gem.

Joey C.

ACIM and ACOL study group member

Melissa, you are love and an inspiration to me; I am amazed by your spiritual understanding.

Carol T.

ACIM and ACOL study group member

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